Can't Interact with PDFs in UiPath Studio


I am having issues interacting with PDFs in UiPath Studio. I went through the forum and changed settings in my Adobe Reader that I discovered during my initial research. None of the fixes that helped other users seem to help fix my issue.

When I try to interact with the PDF it selects the whole thing vs selecting individual elements. I have already changed accessibility settings and have it set to ‘Always’ for Show Reference xObject targets.

If anyone has any other suggestions I would really appreciate it. This is slowing me down in development.


Hi buddy @mjgable

Kindly try with Computer vision activities to get the access for elements you need…
For more information on this activity kindly have a view on this once

Kindly try this and let know if you face any issue or in need of clarification
Cheers @mjgable

Hello @mjgable,

I had the same issue, and I was testing with Adobe Acrobat Reader 2018 with the settings described below, and it works: