Problem in the connection of the UI robot

Hi everybody
I am working in the orchestrator course level 1 and I have a problem that I do all steps of the course video but the robot connection is that robot unavailable
my robot connection is as following:
the robot
the machine

the robot in the orchestrator

can anybody help me


The machine name should be the one you have in the UiRobot…

And credentials are the one which you are using to unlock the machine.

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I am sorry can you give me more details


When you open the robot tray, you will get the machine name …


Copy that machine name and use that while creating the machine in orchestrator.

And while creating the robot, name you can use anything, but the credentials are

  1. open command prompt and use command whoami and that will be the username …
  2. Password is the one you are using to unlock your machine…
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I do that and wrote the true machine name but as I am using an attended floating robot the password does not required in the creating robot form

any new things

Have you assigned machine to the robot?

As per the screenshot, the machine is empty there?

Post the screenshot of your robots page in orchestrator

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how can I assign a machine to the robot

Sorry, that’s my mistake, as you are provisioning attended and floating robot, you don’t need to give the machine name as well.

  1. Can you please confirm you have assigned the robots to the environment you have created?
  2. Hover on Robot not available status in tray, you will get the message and error there

As per this link :, You cannot start your jobs using orchestrator. You can manually start from robot tray. Can you please let me know why you are trying to create attended robots?

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I am working as the course of the UI Academy course do I am an absolute beginner in UI career.
but in the video, it is working without any environments
I worked as the video without any change

I hovered over the disconnected status No errors appears

Try it in Robot tray, where you are giving the URL and machine key…

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Just says the robot does not exist

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Can you just give a try after assigning the robot to environments you created?

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same thing…No Chage

Sorry for bothering you with many things,

Can you post the robot tray and machines page screenshots?

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Thank you for your kind support

the machine page

Robot Page:

Hi @aadam,

you need to give the machine name as it is showing in uipath robot

Here are the few steps I’m repeating again…

  1. Make sure your machine name in both robot tray and machines page are same… (You are missing that as I mentioned it in my first reply :slight_smile: )

  2. Make sure your username is the one you got in command prompt…

Here are my screenshots

image …


And the username :



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I do the steps as the following:
My name:

Robot Page:

Machine page:

sorry for wasting your time