Problem in playing vedios in acadamy - foundation course


While playing vedio’s of foundation course, suddenly it stops playing & doesn’t proceed. Only option left is to clear the cache & start the vedio once again. What could be the reason ? What is the solution ?


Hello there,

Alternative solution would be.
Subscribe UiPath YouTube channel here.


problem is you tube is blocked in office


oh :frowning:
IE or Chrome?
Problem with both browser?


Yes, problem in all the browsers - IE / Chrome / firefox


oh not sure this work :stuck_out_tongue: ,did you try with incognito mode?
recently academy undergone some changes ,may be that’s the reason.
Now it’s fixed . Did you still face the issue.
If so @Roxana_Stratila will assist further. :slight_smile:


Let me check once again



We indeed went through some changes but not related to the video content. I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue on our side. Please let me know if it still happens after you clear all cache and cookies.



It works once I clear the cache & start the vedio from the beginning. I have also upgraded the browsers & now let me check once again. If problem persists, I will contact you on the same thread.


in china, the network is not good. the vedio can’t play smoothly.
can i download the vedio? so i can look it anytime.