Unable to Play the video lessons which has been completed

Hello all ,
Here is the issue description below.

I have completed till Lesson 6 in UIPath Foundation course.
When I go back and try to play any of the video till lesson 6 , Video is directly going to end and I am unable to play … .even if i drag the progress bar to start point and play it is directly going to end part of video with out playing the complete video. I have tried it in both IE and chrome.

Resolution is much appreciated as i want to rewind the videos.

Yes I am also facing the same problem :frowning:

Facing the same problem here for Business Analyst course.

Any solutions for the above problem… if more people facing the same issue kindly post here… so that the community people would know about this and get a resolution soon…

I have the same issue. A solution to this would be much appreciated.

Facing same issue. Not able to replay the completed videos.
Also facing issue in watching the videos from the start which I had left incomplete earlier.
Any resolution to the issue will be highly appreciated.

Hi everyone,

Our team is looking into the issue. Please see here for two available workarounds: