Lesson1 Foundation 1218.3 VIdeo Replay Not Working

Every time I complete a video and attempt to go back for review the video goes to the end and will not allow me to restart. If I manage to restart it at all, when I stop to update my notes and press the ;play’ arrow, it goes to the end of the video

Is there anything I can do to fix this?


For workarounds -


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I just downloaded FireFox and ran the video again, left clicked on the video and hit the left arrow key. the video did start to play but that is not just the issue. If I stop the video to take notes and try tp hit the play arrow, the video goes immediately to the end,

So now I have tried Chrome, Edge, Explorer and FireFox with all similar results.

I am sure others you watch these videos have watched them in their entirety and tried to restart them. Has no one else had this issue?