Lost video when learning on academy

i have met 2 fatal missed video when learning on academy different course and break study. why block the course and make us to go step by step. it’s not good way to spread your product.
below is the 2nd error happened, stop again.
Welcome ›My Courses ›Level 1 - Foundation Training ›Training Material
Level 1 - Foundation Training
Lesson 4 - Recording
hlsjs: Video file not found

Hey Laddie,

try to restart your browser, system also if possible!!


thanks Aditya. tried again but still happen.
below is another case which is the same error. and still although 2 days past.

Level 1 - Foundation Training - revamped

Lesson 2 - Control Flow Part 1 - If/Else Statements

hlsjs: Video file not found


BTW, my client is from China and connect web by company VPN , i can login youtube.