Problem in associating Outlook account with Orchestrator Email Alerts

Hello :slight_smile:

I am trying to associate an outlook mail with the Orchestrator Mail Alerts. I followed the documentation step by step, i just didn’t know where to paste the generated application password . I followed the other steps just like the tutorial as you can see in the picture below but it is not working, it’s not sending alerts.
PS: I have checked the user and his roles and he has all the permissions.
Any help plz and thanks :slight_smile:

we need to use that Generate app password here

Cheers @Taha.BM

Thank you for your response Palaniyappan but didn’t know where to find that !! And i am using outlook not gmail. :frowning:

I replaced the Generated Application Password in the place of the Mail password while configuring the Email Alerts. I tried to verify if the informations filled in the orchestrator are correct or not by sending an email template with those parametres using Powershell and i received it successfully. So what i found out here is that the configuration is correct but still not received any alert.