How configure sending alerts from Orchestrator?


I have a problem with sending emails alerts from Orchestrator. How can I configure it ? I need account on SendGrid ?


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Can you post what is the exact issue you are facing? I hope the mails are not getting triggered while running the workflow from orchestrator right? Can you confirm if you are sending mails from Orchestrator using Send Outlook Mail Messages?

I want configure sending mail alert from Orchestrator. Do I need to enter the details of the mailbox from which messages are to be sent here? Or can I use eg SendGrid? (by default, data from this service was provided)


Hi @krzysztof.stanjek,
You must enter the details like SMTP server,port, username, password etc… for sending alerts from orchestrator.
And also make sure that the SMTP server is accessible from the server which the orchestrator is installed.

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Hi @shankm,

I’m still getting error around authenticated even after putting in these setting. I can send email using the send mail activity on a bot. So I know the setting are correct.
Below is the error I get.
Any advice would be much appreciated.

Sending the test mail failed! SmtpStatusCode: MustIssueStartTlsFirst. Original message from SMTP server: The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated. The server response was: 5.7.57 SMTP; Client was not authenticated to send anonymous mail during MAIL FROM [] (#2600)

I’ve also found this post that seems to have the same issue.

Is your enable SSL checkbox ticked? In mail configuration page

@shankm, yea I’ve tired with and with out that ticked. I’ve also tired port 587 and 25 as we have firewall rule on 587 in the company.
I’m doing this form the cloud orchestrator if this makes a difference.

Have you tried the app password?

@shankm, I’m not sure what you mean about the app password. Do you mean password for orchestrator, or outlook? I used my outlook details and the smpt setting I’ve used in other application that have worked.

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I’m talking about the outlook app password

How to Create App Passwords for for Easier Sign-in

Some applications need app password for outlook authentication. Check that too.

@tiberain also check the settings by clicking Test mail settings button

hi @krzysztof.stanjek
un tick : Enable SSL
tick : use default credentials

and you have to type your HOST
so enter the host IP Address in to :SMTP HOST

try this … :sunglasses:

Hey @shankm,
That what I was doing to test test the alert mail.

@krzysztof.stanjek I’ve done that, I’m using office 365 the smpt host setting This still doesn’t work.

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