Practice Modules in UiPath Academy


I am trying to complete the Solution Architect curriculum prior to year end. I am only in Lesson 2 and really need to be able to practice the activities provided there. I was given to understand that students would be provided instruction on when and what software to obtain and how to get the software. I think I would need the Community Edition of UiPath, correct? Does that include Studio and Orchestrator?

Please advise as soon as practicable.

Thank you!


Yes, You can download Community edition It will have install Studio and robot.

the below is link for community edition Orchestrator.

For learning more about Uipath, go through the training sessions available in the Uipath Academy.

Level 1 - Foundation Training
Level 2 - Orchestrator Training
Level 3 - Advanced Training


Hello again,

I also wanted to ask…what would I enter for my “credentials”? The Getting Started video says I’ll need to put that in. What credentials are the ones I need to use? Sorry I didn’t get this in with my last message.

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Catherine Gabriel

I guess my other message errored…I am missing the Add robot option when I try to add it, there is no way for me to do that as shown in the Getting Started video. Missing the “plus” sign:

Add robots will be available at Management folder in the latest version


I figured out that I was on the wrong Robot link on the left and was able to create a Robot. However, Demo Environment was not there, the Robot is in Disconnected Status and I don’t know how to get the Machine Key as it is not as shown in the Getting Started video. I think this will be the last attempt today. This is where my status is now.

What other information do you need? What should I do?


Catherine Gabriel

Please refer to the below link