Not able to add robot from orchestra

Hi there

i just installed community version, trying to add new robot, i do not find + sign as below.


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You have to go to Robots page under Management section but not under Monitoring section.

got it. thanks a lot Not connected but status unlicensed. what;s the reason, i am using community version

with full screen

@meenuravi867 have you configured the Robot from the Orchestrator with your computer’s username & password?


@meenuravi867 Have you configured the Machine you’re using in the Orchestrator?
FYI it looks like you’re looking in the “Monitoring” Tab of the Orchestrator. In order to provision new Robots & Machines to the Orchestrator please go to the “Management” Tab:

The ‘+’ you’re looking for will be there.

I’ll be happy to assist you should you need any more help in setting up the robot