Pop Up window appears

After performing a task, a pop appears that tells whether the task has been successfully done or there is some error. I tried it using on Image Appear, but timeout exceed exception appears. I also tried on Element Appear, but the same result.
I also used element exists, but unable to identify whether pop up contains error message or success message.
I also tried to get OCR text, but not able to understand how to use it, and what parameters are needed to pass.
Please note- pop up window is a bootstrap modal, not explorer generated pop up.

Can you try the get text activity, and extend the timeout parameter?

Element exists should be the way to go. Try to just select the pop up message text as your selector, instead of the entire pop up. You should be able to get a selector containing 'aaname=‘Task succes’ or something like that.

element exists return true when pop up appears. But how to identify whether the pop up contains success message or error message

Hi, have you tried ‘text exists’ or ‘image exists’ ?

get text activity does not have timeout property. Please clarify your suggestion

Hey @Purvi,

Try using get text activity and select only the text inside that pop up box.
After that you can use if something like :
if (getTextMessage.Contains(“Error”)) then some action.
If you’re having trouble finding the element, check the selector through UiExplorer

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You may try the solution with “Text Exists” as shown below - “Image Exists” may be applied in a similar way. Play with Accuracy (for “Image Exists”) and TimeoutMS (for any of these two) if needed.

Thank you everyone for your posts.

The error has been resolved using get text activity.

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I have a question.

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Hi, personally I just go to the forum into “Rookies” section every day:
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