POP up window manage

Hi, I have a web application which will give pop up window to interact and save the file. The time for the popup to appear varies based on the amount of data retrieved for every transaction. How to handle this scenario?

One approach would be to use Find Element, and change the TimeoutMS property to a large number; it will continue once the element shows up but throw an error if it hits the timeout.

Another approach for certain scenarios is to use a Retry Scope where it can keep trying to check is something exists and will throw an error after so many tries.


To add to @ClaytonM’s approaches, if the pop up window has a unique image, you can use On Image Appear. Once the pop up box opens and is recognized, you can add activities or leave it blank to continue your workflow.

Thanks for the help @ClaytonM and @tmays… i tried the three approaches and on image appear seems to work well in this case :slight_smile: