Getting Error in Assignment 2

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Am getting error in assignment 2 yearly report at retrieving text from using Get Attribute activity for that but It showing can I come out from this problem. help me friends…

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Krishna Reddy


Use Element Exists activity and indicate that pop up and if it exists then use Get Text activity to get the text from that pop up.

Hi @krishnareddy

Which pop up message are you referring to? is it the one that pops up when there is no file to download? or is it the one that pops up when the file upload is complete?

When I was doing the assignment, for pop ups, I used the Get Text activity to capture the text in the pop up

However, in those instances where pop ups show up, I first used Element Exists activity to check whether the pop up is there or not. and used IF condition to check whether the result is true or false. If true, I then used Get Text activity to read the text in the pop up message. I think that would suit you better rather than using Get Attribute activity …

Let know whether this works for you

hello @krishnareddy
use Get text activity

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I want to capture This Text for that i use both GetText And GetAttribute Activities.The Error Showing Like this

And This are My Selectors…

Thanks for the Reponse

Hai Sandeep

I used Get Text Also Error Remains Same…

This Selectors i it fine?

thanks for the response

Hello @krishnareddy
i suggest use Internet explore instead of chrome.because i already face same problem with used IE for this work flow or all project also
chrome has some issue about alert box .in chrome to find UI element of alert box is generating error
@loginerror please let me know this issue solved or not

hope it will help

Happy Automation