Pop-up window advanced assignment 2


Hey guys,

im stuck at the point when you have to click “OK” on the pop-up window when no report has been found for a specific month for a work item. I used 2 element exist activities because i receive two kinds of pop-ups (see the following post: Assignment 2: No report found Pop-Up Window). After the 2 element exist activities i put an IF activity where i used the 'Click" activity on the ‘OK’ button when one of the two pop-up windows exist. When i run the bot it does not work consistently, somtimes it does, sometimes it doens"t. I dont understand why uipath does not find the pop-up window when it occurs. please, see attachment for printscreen of the selected area and the selectors.

For both pop-up windows, i set the timeout at 2000 and the wair for ready on interactive.

Thank for any help