Click on Pop up message doesn't work




How can I click on a pop up confirmation message?
I was traying with record, but not work

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Hi @Francisco_Morales,

On this scenario you could use the Click Image activity or send commands with the Send Hotkey activity.


Hello @Francisco_Morales

you can try using the activitie “Click Text” by recording, this way you have the option set click position.


I’ve tried with this, but I don’t know how to use

Is there any other property usable?


I can’t found the option “Click Text” . I looked all menu options, and it isn’t



you can explicitly add click Text activity once the recording is done. Even if you find the problem then you can use Element exists activity for the pop up you get . If that pop up exists then you can select Enter using send Hot key else give a tab and then enter using send hot key.
Hope this works


Hello @Francisco_Morales

See image below

Select Recording and menu text

Select option mouse and click (This option is Click Text)




Click image should be used in last case.

I recommend to use Click Text as mentioned by @dkollyns or use the parallel activity to do the click (maybe the process could be stuck because it’s a pop-up message).



Here the results


Try something like this:


In your case, the pop-up is actually a UI element that is not recognizable by the UiExplorer.
You will have to use the ClickImage Activity.

Like Lucas said, Anchor side you can use the FindImage (indicate the Acceptor button ), and pass the image inside the Click Image activity.


Hi @Lucas.Pimenta… here is the part of the process with the pop up, I’ve tried again, but the same error happens.

Thanks for all your help


I’ve tried with this and no works
Thanks @Lucas.Pimenta


Please check the below link.

If it’s not working, You can try click image.

In Attach window selector,




did you try this?
I have worked with browser ui javascript popup a little and click image will do the trick.


Finally I’ve chanched the browser to IE and now the pop Up is recognized as an element (window, buttom, etc).

Thanks @vivek_Nalashaa and all whose have taken some minutes to give me your advices