Assignment 2 about selectors


I’m trying to finish assignment 2. I made dispatcher and almost completed performer.

I’m getting so many errors about selectors(cannot find ui element). My framework was so slow. It was ok. But i changed click and type activities WaitForReady property to “NONE”. It is fast now.
Then there’s something wrong about selectors. They are working sometimes. But sometimes i get “cannot find ui element”. Especially in uploading yearly reports.

I’m using this selector for the “OK” element.
<wnd app='iexplore.exe' cls='#32770' omit:title='Web sayfasından ileti' /> <wnd ctrlid='2' omit:title='Tamam' /> Pop-up is Turkish btw.

I already read about selectors and partial selectors. It couldn’t help me.

This is not the only error. Sometimes i am getting same selector error for getting uploadID on same element above.

I’m using element exist on these pages for two different pop-up.

So what would be the best selector for them? How can i build an awesome selector?

Thanks for the help.

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I did this some other way.

  1. Use Click Image Activity to click on the image
  2. Use Send Hotkey activity and sent CTRL + A
  3. Use Copy Selected Text activity to get the value of whole “Report was uploaded” …
  4. Use Assign activity and Substring method to get the Confirmation ID
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I can try but i think it will be error for me again about selector of click image activity. I have problems with selectors. Probably won’t work for me right now.

I fixed about uploadID element selector. Actually i am using an if activity for 2 different pop-up. 2 different get text activity. But i noticed only 1 click for “OK” button. That has to be 2 click in if for true and false.

But now i am having issue about “Save as” click activity. Same error. “Cannot find UI element”
Here is the selector;
<wnd app='iexplore.exe' cls='IEFrame' title='ACME System 1 - Reports - Download Monthly Report - Internet Exp*' /> <wnd aaname='Bildirim' cls='DirectUIHWND' /> <ctrl automationid='IENotificationBar' /> <ctrl name='Kaydet' role='split button' /> <ctrl name='6' role='drop down button' />

It is working perfectly for the first queue item. When it tries to second, cant find the save as button. I check the save as pop up for difference it is same as first queue item.

Error shows up close all pages and open again. Then its getting next queue item. It works for it too.

I dont get it why second item’s monthly report cant be saved :frowning:

I fixed everything and pass the level 3.
I checked selectors of every error and repaired all of them. Passed with %82.I think that %18 was about to studio and website.

Thanks for NO help.

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