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I think this is my last issue in order to complete Assignment 2 of Level 3 of the Academy. After successfully uploading the yearly report and extracting the confirmation, I am having an issue with clicking the OK button. This is because 2 different windows popup- One window has a checkbox that says “Don’t let this page create more messages” and the other window does not. I am using an if element exists to say If window pops up without checkbox, Then click ok, Else if window with checkbox pops up, click ok.

This element exists activity works when there is no checkbox, but does not work when there is a checkbox, like this:

Below are the selectors I have for element exists, Then , and Else. Does anyone know how I can get my workflow to click OK button for BOTH windows? Thanks

Element Exists Activity Selector and Properties:

THEN Selector and Properties (Working):

ELSE Selector and Properties (Not Working):

System1_UploadYearReport.xaml (13.9 KB)


Replace the Element Exist and If activities with this sequence.
Sequence.xaml (4.8 KB)
Does it work?

Please try using just
<wnd app='iexplorer.exe' cls='#32770' title='Message from webpage'.<wnd title='OK'> on both Click activity.


@Jan_Brian_Despi @Gluon

Thanks for the suggestions. I tried both of these options and they both work when the window WITHOUT the checkbox appears but they both fail when the window WITH the checkbox appears. Do you know how this can be fixed?

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Hi @heerenj4,

I made it like this.
You should select the text inside the pop-up first. It’s not important which pop-up(checkbox and without checkbox) will you choose for first.
Then you have to take 2 different get text for if(true and false like checkboxed or not).
Click ok buttons have different selectors. You should indicate 2 different “ok” button(checkboxed and the other).

And finally if you got an error something about selectors just use repair for validation. It will be okey. I hope you can fix it.


Hi @ercanebiler thanks for you response. I tried this and it still does not work for the message with checkbox. Is there any way you can show me your selectors for your element exists, get text, and click activities for the activities WITH checkbox? Thanks again for your help


Element exists with checkbox


Get text with checkbox


Click ok with checkbox

Title’s and aaname attiributes are turkish btw you should write them with your language.

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