I am having yes or no pop in my automation,

I am using click activity to click yes or not button.

I am tested with click activity and seperately it’s working fine

When I am running the workflow it’s showing invalid click activity.

But selectors are fine Only anyone help me


Did u try using element exists or Check app state activity?

I am not used that activity, hoe to use check app state


In check app state indicate the popup screen, in target appears use click activity to click the popup.

Delay Before Click:Use the “Delay” activity before the Click activity and set it for a few seconds (e.g., 2000 milliseconds) to see if it makes a difference.
Use Retry Scope: You can use the Retry Scope activity with the Click activity to make UiPath try the click operation multiple times before throwing an error. This can be useful for handling sporadic issues due to slow application response or element loading.

Hope it helps!!

So basically it will check the app state and once the Target pop up appears it will click that pop up


  1. Use Check up state / Element Exist Activity.
  2. give same selector which you used in click.
  3. Use Retry and inside it use Click.
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Use element exists activity if you know this activity.

You can use Elemnt exist activity , so it will check if that pop up message appeared or not . if appeared then Click on the pop up
Output of element exists is a boolean variable


Use the check app state activity and indicate the popup. (This was to check the popup is appear on screen or not)
In Target block place the click activity and indicate the Yes button.

In sometimes the click activity may not works based on element function. In this case, use the Keyboard shortcuts instead of click activity, give the enter button and indicate the element of Yes in the popup.

Hope it helps!!

You might need to use a separate Use Application/Browser activity to attach to the popup before you can click the button.

Thanks @lrtetala for ur solutions

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