Element Exist for popup box

Hi all,

I am trying to figure out how can my RPA program select “Yes” button from a popup box.

This pop up box will appear only after a delay ( delay is not stable) after the previous activity . (Activity A).

After this pop up appear, program should select Yes and continue.

I have put element exist activity and put default value as False.
I have then used IF activity and if element exist activity returned “True” , program should click on the Yes button inside the pop up box.

I have put a log message box to ensure the program is running. But, every time after activity A, log message shows false value even though the popup box appeared.

Any guidance is much appreciated.


Check with On Element Appear activity

Also check that you have the correct selector for the Yes Button

Hope this may help you


Hi @Christin_John

I think this is due to unstable selector of the popup box

Could you please explore more the popup box selector by opening the Selector in UiExplorer window and try to add more properties to that like “aaname or id”.

If Possible, please share the Selector for the element you are looking.

Thanks & Regards
Gopal Tewari

@Srini84 @Gopal_Tewari1, Thanks for the inputs.

To make it some more precise,

I want to click the “Yes” button in a popup box after it’s appeared. Sometimes the popup will appear, and sometimes not. If it didn’t appear, a log message Info would be shown as " Not Adjusted."
Is it okay if I use element exists activity?


As, you mentioned that the popup will appear after a delay that is not fixed, If you use Element Exist then It will move to the condition after default wait time like 30 sec and the condition will be false if the popup didn’t appear within 30 sec

So you need to find an element which is more stable like if the popup box has appeared then that element should not be enabled / visible

Also, you need to check that the selector is dynamic and correct

Hope this may help you


@Srini84 , in that case, on element appear is a good choice? But if I use on element appear , I am not able to use IF statement as it doesn’t support boolean variable.

Also, if I use a delay of 60sec before element exist activity and within this 60sec if the pop box appeared, will the program click Yes as soon as the popup box appear?

any text in the pop up box?

suggest to keep text only with wild card and let see what happening


main possibility to get the result as False is Selectors not matched or else activity timeout.

  1. try to check the Selectors
  2. try to keep the If condition in Loop till the time element exist and it shows result as False. then you can identity the actual element ideal time