<Urgent>I am getting same popup which is getting poping up at any point of time while execution. I am supposed to click on OK when it comes. Can somebody help in handling that popup? A reliable method?

Thanks in advance.


you Can use Element Exist, you can keep element of Pop up
then you can use if else Activity and in if activity
you can use click activity to store OK button
It will work. let me know


I’d recommend running a parallel activity.
The parallel activity runs next to your main automation - meaning that you can check for elements to appear while the automation is still going. If the element appears you can handle it in the same parallel sequence as the element check.
If setup correctly, you can close the popup as many times as it appears without having the automation fail.

u mean to say main workflow shouldn’t be inside the parallel activity with popup handling??Can u be a little more elaborate


Aren’t u suggesting like this as attached in image. please clarify

Sorry for being unclear. The method you’ve provided in the picture is the right idea. This will have the processes run next to eachother, thus always checking for the popup.