POC - csv, xls(x) file download from website with date range picker

Hi there

I would like to do a simple POC for my company.
The task is as follows:

  1. Login to website (different bank sites about 50)
  2. Navigate to transactions file
  3. Select date range OR current date ( no idea of to do this part dynamically)
  4. Download file as csv/xls(x)
  5. Rename the file (prefix with ank account name)
  6. Save in folder (specific for each bank account)

I’m very new with RPA and would like to get more into it.

From the other posts I can see the community is quite active and helpful. I really do appreciate any assistance in this matter

@balupad14 would you be able to assist with this. I can see that you are indeed very knowledgeable in this when I look at your other posts/responses/solutions

Hi, welcome to the community!
Although you are right that we have an awesome community, the forum is not the right place to begin… I would recommend to you a free way to lear that is the Academy and for this POC you could start with the StudioX that will be easier to learn: https://academy.uipath.com/

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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Really appreciate your assistance :smiley:.

Last thing I want to do is to break the rules of the forum!

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