Downloading csv file from Site and from email

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I am new to UiPath and need your help in the below problem. I have checked out other topics of similar nature but it doesn’t solve my issue.

I have to download the file from the below site.

I have to then download a file from email which is sent automatically everyday.

This activity has to be set up dynamically. We intend the run this robot on T-1 manner everyday. Both the files will be downloaded everyday with data of T-1 and then reconciled. I have built the below sequence for reconciling. I just want your help in downloading the files dynamically and using their path in the below .xaml file.

Recon_IRCTC_Booking.xaml (10.8 KB)

Thanks in advance !


Once you click on the button will it ask to save the file?

If so that you can write the path of the file by using Type Into activity

From there you can use Send Outlook activity and paste your path of the file

Hope this helps you


Hi Srinivas,

Let me re-explain my ask please. I have to download separate csv files from website(IRCTC) and from email(attachment shared via mail). The robot will be executed daily with both files being downloaded at T-1 basis.


If you are want to download those files from mail and website

For website you can click on the button, later you can automate the steps
For Email-> If the subject is same and constant, you can use Get Outlook Mail message activity and use For Each activity, Inside you can keep a If condition as
item.subject = "Trains_booking_"+Date.Now.ToString("yyyyMMdd")+"_IN"

Hope this helps you


Thanks that helps

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