Dynamic Range Selection to Download Data from Website


Can you please advise once i login into website, i have to choose the drop down and select the field and input the date range.

The Date range would be Today(-) 1 day and end date would be 2 weeks or 1 week.

Please advise as how i can use bot to select the data dynamically based of above criteria and download the CSV.

dynamic range


Hi @aladin347

use these things in Date and To Date.

Date - date.Now.AddDays(-1).toString(“dd-MM-yyyy”)
To Date - date.Now.AddDays(7).toString(“dd-MM-yyyy”)

Kommi Jeevan.

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Thank you, i will look into this and ask if any questions.

From Date as Date.Now.AddDays(-1).ToString(“M/d/yyyy”)
To Date as Date.Now.AddDays(-7).ToString(“M/d/yyyy”) or Date.Now.AddDays(-14).ToString(“M/d/yyyy”)

Cheers! @aladin347

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Thank @kommijeevan

I used the above formula but added + enter as it was entering duplicate values in browser.

Date.Now.AddDays(-1).ToString(“dd/MM/yyyy”)+ “[k(enter)]”

please send screenshot?



here typing yesterday date or not?

Its adding

it’s working fine or not?

Cheers @aladin347 if you find it useful mark it as solution and close the thread.

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