Asking help for a UiPath project


I am supposed to do a following task:

Develop a RPA robot which performs the following tasks.

  1. Opens a Yahoo Finance website, Yahoo Finance - Stock Market Live, Quotes, Business & Finance News

  2. Look up the historical data of stock prices of following stocks and download it.

           a) Wärtsilä Oyj Abp (WRTBF)
           b) UPM-Kymmene Oyj (UPM.HE)  
           c) Tesla, Inc. (TSLA)            

Use the following filters,

01-Jan 2015 to 01-Jan 2022

  1. Copy the downloaded files into a folder named Stock Prices.

  2. Open the individual excel files containing the stock price data, and create a date vs open stock price line graph for all the three stocks.

  3. Extract the excel line graphs as an image file and save them under respective stock names in the Stock Prices folder created in an earlier step.

The main problem is how to make UiPath to download and save the file (.xlsx) to a specific folder on my computer?

And not related to this task: When using ‘Get Text’ function how can I make the program to get thr text from specific location but not the exact text (since the text might change in some cases)?

Help is much appreciated! Comments, hints etc. are all welcome! Thanks!

whenever you download the file please set your browser as ask file path every time then

will ask you location like this and type into your file name with path like

like this and click on save button

Thanks! Should I use the recording feature, or what other function would you recommend to complete the task?

Hello again,

I have a problem. Due to ads on the website, the location of targeted function (such as clicking on the date) might change a little bit between runs. How can I solve this problem? Otherwise the program functions well, but if the object it is supposed to click is not on exactly the same spot on every run an error occurs.