Download data and save in excel format

I want to download data from website for a specific date range and save it in Excel format to my computer.

How can i do it by UIPATH studio.
could anybody pls guide me by sample example.

thanks in advance

Hi @Kamal007
are you downloading file or you want scrap data?
If you want to scraping then please use, data scrapping, screen scrapping

Hi @Kamal007

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You can try with Data Scrapping method tp get all the data

Check out the docs

Use Write Range activity to write the data in excel (Excel scope or Workbook)


You can also try with Table extraction method


Hello @Kamal007

If you are looking for a solution to Extract the table data or pattern-based data from the web page, then you can go with Table Extraction. Please check the below video.


Hello @Kamal007

If you want to Extract data from the web then you can use , “data scrapping” or “Get text”, “Screenscrap” you can use these activities. then write in to excel you can use these to activity(Workbook write range or excel write range must use excel scope for excel activities). Otherwise sir you need to mention which type of data you need to download from the web.


Can you just clear your question?

Are you trying to extract a structured table or you are tring to download a file by providing some conditions in webpage? If so please use Ui activities like click, type into, select items etc

Else if it is table then you can go for the above solutions mentioned

Hi @Kamal007 are you talking about file downloading …if you want to download file from specific date range then follow these steps

  1. Scrape the data and filter those files you want to download then,

  2. Use wait for download activity.