Need to download the file from the website

I am working for a software industry where i am downloading the file from the webpage everyday and it is using it for our validation purpose. In the webpage there will be a date field and i need to select the date and download the file.I need a step how to automate this. I am seeing many videos and not able to do it. Can you please help me to do it or do you have any specific video to get this feature.

Hi @omkumar_janardhanan,
Can you please paste a screenshot of the webpage so that we can analyse what type of controls you have in that webpage.

I have give below the screenshot of the website. First i need to open this website, login using the username and password, then move to that page, select the start and end date an then need to click on download.

Why don’t you setup automation for all that? Open webpage, Login, Navigate to that page, Select start and end date and Click download. I have setup something similar.

open file based on date.xaml (10.2 KB)

Try this…
I think this will help you to find the solution…

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That is what i need to do it. Can you have any video to do it. So that it will be helpful to complete it.

Thanks for sharing the file, is that all has been recorded or it has been done manually. Kindly share the details it will be very helpful

Hi @omkumar_janardhanan ,

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This is very general and basic requirement .
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I don’t have the time to create this for you, but I can help you all the way. Just do one step at the time like open the webpage from UiPath and use “set text” to type in username and password to login

When i click on the sign in then the new page will open. When i have the click button set it is in the first screen not moved to the second screen. How do i move to second tab.

I need to pass a variable start date and end date from the a filed in the MSSQL table. How to do this?

I need to pass a variable start date and end date from the a filed in the MSSQL table. How to do this?

Never used MSSQL before. I assume you have to use the Database activities in UiPath to get the variables from MSSQL.

If you are facing trouble to select the dates from the drop down menu of date field, you can use type into activity to type the date string directly in that field.
Same for End date also.
Finally Click on Generate PDF Button.
As suggested by @ddpadil you can get some more knowledge about Uipath Activities and features.

Do we have any video for the Database connection and get the value from one of the table and pass it as a variable.

Great, can we get file details of document downloaded? I have to move that file via BOT to some other shared drive.

You can use the Move File activities to automate that. Just give it the downloaded file path of the original file and specify where you’d like to move it. It can be renamed during the move as well if you’d like, as it whatever you choose as the destination will be the final file name/type

Thanks Dave, i was able to move files but when file size if big process does not stops it goes to next step and fails to move as file is not yet downloaded

Try changing up your workflow so that everything downloads first to a single directory. Once everything is downloaded, get a list of all files in that directory using the directory.getfiles(“C:\yourfilepath”). Then use a for each activity to iterate through that list of files and move them to the location(s) of your choosing.

Thanks for quick reply Dave.

As per process I have to do many things and finally i get button to download file. Than i move it to some other location. But as file size if big it does not holds process it moved to next step to move and it fails. Not sure why i am not able to add decision box as mentioned here on Everything You Need to Know About Desktop Automation Software | UiPath