Please help me find a solution

I set the time for the robot, but this error has occurred. Please help me find a solution. Thank you.

Fine may I know at which activity this error occurred
Cheers @BoBou_JunG


Error from

Do we have any logs of that job
Click on the right end of that job so that we would be able to find the logs of it
In that we would be able to figure out the issue and where it occurred
Cheers @BoBou_JunG

When I do not turn off the remote desktop, it can be used. But when I turn off the remote desktop and set the time After that, it cannot be used.

so are we doing the process in a Remote desktop
if so does the process designed connects to RDP first and then tries to perform the automation

What do I have to do, please let me know.

simple buddy
is the process executed in RDP…?
if so does the process connect to RDP and perform the automation

Sorry , I don’t understand

no worries
you said its working when RDP is logged in
–So is this process executed in RDP

Is this it?

Hi @BoBou_JunG,

Does your workflow opens the RDP and perform some operations over there or it just performs operations when the RDP is opened ?

If it just performs operations when RDP is opened may be since your RDP is closed and the process started running as per time configured. So In this case keeping your RDP opened should work.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:, if not please add few more details like trace logs in your orchestrator or few details about the workflow.