Basic question

Hi All,
I am having a silly doubt
I have a workflow and it should run everyday morning at particular time
The system in which my workflow will run everyday will be locked
Can i run workflow and perform click, get text activities from web page when my system is locked.
Please provide any suggestion

Hi @Charishma

Yes, you can run your workflow even if the machine is locked if you have Unattended robot license. First you will need to provision the robot in Orchestrator(Unattended type) and connect it.

Then publish the package from UiPath Studio(or upload it manually). In Orchestrator deploy the process corresponding to your package. In Schedules you will be able to set a particular time everyday for your Unattended robot to run the specified process.

Please let me know if something is unclear.

Can we read data from web page even if system is locked.

Yes, you can :slight_smile:

Thank You :slight_smile:

We are trying to do this (run a robot on a locked system) on a few of our Robots, however it doesn’t appear we can, it says that the “Desktop has been disconnected” in the orchestrator error log, we currently have back of office robots (or unattended I guess).

Any suggestions?

Hi Ben,

Is your robot running on a remote desktop machine?

Yes it is.

I am having the same issue and are running on and RDP server.

The recommendation in this case is to sign off all the users from the Robot machine before executing a job. Give it a try and please let me know if it works.

If you are using RDP, a minimize will cause a Desktop Disconnection. I would say just don’t minimize or close your RDP window while a process is running on it. Assuming that’s why you were getting the error.

Do you get this error only in a few robots or for the process? If it’s the process, check the method that invokes the workflow. Try Invoke Workflow Interactive method, instead of Invoke workflow.

It’s all robots. The error only occurs on locked systems running on a remote machine via the orchestrated. No problem occurs if the machine is unlocked or an a local machine.

@cotly, So the process never starts at all? Only time I have seen “Desktop was disconnected” was when it started but was interrupted by someone minimizing or closing their RDP instance. You could check the UiPath.Settings file in C:\PrograData to check if “LogonToConsole” is false.

Hi Charishma,

It will work when the system would be locked.

You have to flowing two Steps:-
First: Make sure that all activity having checked for SimulateClick.
Second : Your Bot should be configure in Schedule a particular time.

Hi all. I was trying to connect the robot created in the orchestrator in the studio using the Start job activity. I had given all the necessary details reqd. But, when i run the process, it returns the error message as, image Status code “Forbidden”.
Can Anyone help me through it.