Need support on scheduling an unattended BOT

Whenever I’m executing a workflow as a triggered basis in day time as soon as we worked in RDP its executing fine without any error and we are getting the expected output.

@ 00:10 Unfortunately, the BOT stopped functioning after only 2 minutes, causing an interruption in the workflow.

The scheduled time for the BOT to run needs to be set to 00:10. The workflow itself has no warnings or errors and is capable of running as expected. We have also ensured that the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is properly configured, and the Orchestrator is installed on the same machine.

Upon investigation, we noticed that the Event Viewer displays a warning related to the Distributor COM at the exact time when we triggered the BOT.

Please find the attachments which includes the event viewer logs from the server as well as orchestrator job details of the particular process.

Hi @Chandru96 ,

I believe the Log attachments were missed out, Could you maybe check and provide the necessary ?

So, from the statements mentioned, does it work only on day times and not at 00:10 or after this time ?

Could it be the case that you have only checked when you are logged in to the Server/RDP and not as unattended alone ?

Hello @Chandru96

  1. Ensure the robot machine doesn’t go to sleep at 00:10; check power settings.
  2. Confirm Orchestrator execution settings are correct.
  3. Examine Orchestrator job details for errors.
  4. Check Event Viewer logs for warnings or errors at 00:10.
  5. Verify remote desktop session settings, as it may be a factor.
  6. Review the scheduled task settings in Task Scheduler.
  7. Check user permissions and resource accessibility.
  8. Keep your system, UiPath software, and Orchestrator updated.
  9. Implement comprehensive logging and monitoring in your workflow to capture details when issues occur.

Thanks & Cheers!!!