Orchestrator Job run error


Am getting the below error when i try to job run from orchestrator. Please help

I used unattended robot


Have you configured everything properly in Robots, Environment and packages page or not ?

Could you please help me with screenshots of that.


Package already uploaded. Robot is connected.

Could someone please help me on this?

Can you share the error from job information?

It is there in the forst screenshot

Click on the three dots which you have on the right side and choose details which will give you enough info about the failure @Jagadesh2494. Can you please post that?

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Kindly restart your machine where this process is going to be executed and try executing this process in that machine
And ensure that the machine if involves any rdp, it is set to full screen with MAXIMIZE window activity

Cheers @Jagadesh2494

Am new to this what is meant by rdp bro

Rdp is like when you are running a process in Citrix we connect that Citrix server with RDP that is REMOTE DESKTOP CONNECTION
are we using any such here
Cheers @Jagadesh2494

I need to download a report from my ERP. I have successfully created the workflow but the job run and trigger are throwing errors

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Have we installed java extension in the machine where we are executing this process if so fine
Then did restating the machine and reconnecting to orchestrator helped us on this
Kindly recreate the process of creating process, uploading package, machines, robot and try connecting the the orchestrator to machine and try once

Cheers @Jagadesh2494