Pipeline is taking so much time


I am using Enterprise Trial Version…
I am trying to extract data from Different Pattern Types of PDFs using Document Understanding ML Extractor - AI Center, I created the Dataset, and did the Data Labeling for 49 Files( Each type at least 4 Files), created the Package and Created the Pipeline, but Pipeline is taking too much to become success or failed, I create the Pipeline with Full Pipeline Run and Waited for 24 hours, its status was still Waiting for resources, and I created Trial Run Pipeline 3 hours back and still it is showing the status as Waiting for resources, does any one know what is the issue? or is it normal that Pipeline takes this much time/? My colleagues have used the same no of files but for them , it reflected the status after 3 hours but for me it is taking longer time… Can someone please help to give some inputs or workarounds?


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Did you check the “Enable GPU” setting? If you do not have the appropriate AI Robot Pro license to use GPU, the pipeline will never start…

Try again without GPU if possible.

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@Bandi_Vinay_Kumar There is a Limitation on the Number of ML Skills that can be Deployed. Please do Check the Below Post :