Enterprise Trial: Pipeline stuck at "Waiting for Resources" for 5 hours!


I am trying to run a pipeline for an Object Detection ML Package with a Dataset of 100 images + 100 annotation xml files. Unfortunately the Training pipeline is stuck at the “Waiting for Resources” status for 5 hours now. 7:30 PM US EST to 12:30 AM US EST.

This has not happened before and I’m wondering if I am making a mistake of some sort. The last update to the ML Logs indicates that I don’t have licenses! But I have an Enterprise Trial license and based on the documentation page, I have no other active pipelines running, and both AI Robots have been actively assigned. What am I missing? I have not made any changes to the licensing since I signed up for the trial!

The only other similar question on this forum below did not receive any replies. I hope this thread will get someone’s attention.

Pipeline Stuck at “Waiting For Resource” Stage - Help - UiPath Community Forum

Solution posted below on another thread that I found after I created my post.

Description Train only of DU_Receipts 5.0 waits for available license - Run Attempt: 1 - Help / AI Center - UiPath Community Forum