Question on AI Center and Pipeline status of "Waiting for resources"

I trying to quickly create a Document Understanding demo using the Enterprise Trial License. I used Lahiru Fernando video (Building & Training Custom ML Models for Document Processing | RPA | UiPath - YouTube) as the basis for this. This man is Obi-Wan !!

I have setup a one multi-page PDF document within AI Center in the Uipath Cloud with 10 samples of it (cheated using Acrobat DC in trial mode to make modifications to it - 10 times). Import, Training, Export all seemed to work fine.

I have a pipeline scheduled but it shows the message “Waiting for resources”. So thinking this is a license issue. I have two AI Robots allocated to this tenant:

And I have no ML Skills setup yet:

So I’m a little stumped where my issue(s) may be hiding ??

Ok … nevermind. Turns out the pipeline did finally run. Got up this morning and I see a “Successful” message. It just took way longer to start running than I expected it to.

Maybe the “Waiting for resources” also indicates more than waiting for a license to become available … Like waiting for a physical robot somewhere someplace to become available to use one of my licenses ?

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