PDF Redaction Custom Activity

I’m excited to announce a new custom activity to redact PDF Documents with ease and without the use of any third party software. The activity locates and irreversibly redacts confidential text, then outputs a fully redacted PDF document.

Watch a YouTube video of it in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SptJgyFClQ

This activity will redact isolated words and or numerical values. It is not designed to redact phrases, sentences, or paragraph.

The component is available for free download through our Marketplace.

Here’s an example workflow illustrating the use of the activity…X-PDF Redaction - Example.zip (45.4 KB) To use this workflow, you’ll need to install the component above.

You’ll need UiPath 2020.4 or greater.


This is a great activity. The sample XAML file works a treat and privides a really cool user interface. Nice job @lawes

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Hi the component link is not available, it display Requested resource does not exist.

the project says its missing an Activity.
I am using this version: UiPathTeam.PDFRedaction.Activities.1.0.0.nupkg

Any help?

Hi Aaron…

I’ve corrected the link in the original post. The component link was changed.

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Hi Benngo

You’ll need to download the component link. You’ll find it in the original post above

Have tried out this activity and it looks awesome lawes.

Looks like the regex patterns for ssn, email etc are defined in the back ground, would be good to have the power to customize formula variable to add in new custom defined regex formulae and reference it using a name (eg: tfn, abn etc)

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Or just a thought to maybe make the “formula” variable a String instead of String, to allow more than one regex patterns.

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Thanks for the feedback. In the interim, we can use the pipe symbol | between regex patterns. That would essentially do the same thing… Do you agree?

Makes sense… Will try this out

Hi Berard!

Your PDF Redaction Activity is great! Thanks for your work!

I habe some issues running your Activity on the corporate workstation. Our Security Policy doesn’t allow to create a folder on the “C:”
Your Activity tries to create a temp-Folder and it fails. grafik

Could you Specify your TempFolder using environment variable %temp%?
I think it’s a good idea.

The second issue if i try to specify the Output-File by giving a String Value into Properties. I’m getting this Error

Cann you fix this?
Thank you!