Redact PDF Activity in the Adobe PDF Services

Currently there is no PDF Redaction Activity available within the UiPath set of activities (excluding market place and DU). It would be great if you could add the redaction feature with the UiPath.PDF.Activities, or with the Adobe PDF Services in the Integration Service. There are lots of usecases to do the redaction in an intelligent way(no using basic keywords) The solution could be a configurable one to specify what data (entity) need to be redacted. The documents could be unstructured, so an intelligent way should be offered here. We may need to use NER or similar approach to solve this. In Adobe PDF Pro, we can redact manually, so if we could replicate it in the Adobe PDF services, that would be great

Hi James! Thanks for your feedback! We are working on adding a redaction activity - currently part of our GenAI activity pack with plans to bring it to DU too, so keep an eye out on our latest updates :slight_smile:

That’s wonderful! Thank you @Monica_Secelean for considering this request. Let me wait to get this activity pack.

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