PDF Redaction custom activity non-compatibility with windows platform

This activity is compatible with only window-legacy platform. However, latest UiPath Studio community edition 2023.12.0 does not support windows legacy. How can i use PDF Redactor custom activity.

Hi @sejal.mehta

You cannot use the Non compatible activities in the windows platform. You have to search for the alternate activity which works like PDF Redactor custom activity which compatible to windows platform.

Hope it helps!!

There are a number of ‘Internal Labs’ projects by UiPath that are now seemingly abandoned.
Last one I needed updating the staff member had left UiPath and I could do nothing.

You are luckier, the guy responsible is still at UiPath, but hasn’t been on the forums since 2022…

I’ll tag him anyway.

I’d also suggest posting / linking this topic to this thread which discusses the projects that need updating.

I wish UiPath would crowdsource this by making their repo’s public.

@mkankatala Thanks. If you can suggest an alternate activity, it will be a great help. Did lot of research but unable to find an alternative to this.

@lawes Please do look into it. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Is any update expected in coming months which will be compatible to windows or cross platform?

Look into what? I have shared all the info I know.