App Integration - PDF - Redact

I would be really great if the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Redaction functionality can be added to the PDF functions in Studio.

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Hi @nina.palomar,

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It can be done using Regex but it would be very useful to have such an activity.


Hi @nina.palomar thanks for the feedback! Would you mind describing your use case/what it is you’re trying to achieve? I can then add it to our backlog and depending on its demand & priority, we can implement it :star_struck:

Hi Monica,

In my use case I have several pdf statements that contain multiple account numbers in each document that need to be redacted. There is a functionality in the new Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2021 whereby Adobe will loop through each pdf in a selected folder and redact each of the specified account numbers in each document.

Find Text & Redact


Thank you so much for reaching out to me. Please let me know if you need any additional information.

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Had you checked following?