PDF Data Scarpping with Adobe Acrobat DC

I am trying to scrap data form PDF file, I am using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, but the problem is function keys (F2, F3, Esc) is not working, Same is working with other application.

You can try to enable accessibility. To do that go to Edit->Accessibility->Setup Assistant.

No luck…I am able to scrape the date but concern is function keys.


Can you please update your workflow and also steps what you are trying to achieve?


Hi Guys,

Check with the UiPath team, it is a know issue.

It does not work with Adobe Acrobat DC. I currently have Windows 10 and Acrobat XI Pro. Does not work with that either. Last time I checked Acrobat XI with Windows 10 compatibility is not tested. Any way to walk around?

I am trying to extract a table from pdf document to an excel file.Can someone please suggest how can we do it?

You can use excel macro to navigate to file-}export-}html and then bot do the next steps