PDF Data Scrapping issue

Hi everybody,

I’m like new building solutins with UiPath. I have a PDF file with a table inside and I’m using Data scrapping for extract the data and pasting this on Excel.

Everything is going Ok with this but I’m getting an issue when I try to extract the data from other PDF file

I created the workflow using file PO110678.pdf and I’m now trying to extract the data from PO110700.pdf

Hope somebody help with this.

Thanks in advice

Hi @CP2208

is Acrobat Reader been installed

Ashwin S

Hey @CP2208,

The issue you are having is a selector issue. Go to the three lines in the corner of the Attach Window activity, go to Edit Selector and then click Repair. This should fix your selector issue. Let me know if it works :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m using Acrobat Reader

Thanks William, that works!

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