Passing parameters from web server to Orchestrator

How do I pass a parameter from my web page or server to a Robot in a Orchestrator server. My web server will send few parameters for Robots to pick-up and use them in the design/script. These parameters are not in the web page for scraping. What’s the best mechanism for that? We are trying to avoid email interactions for this matter. Your advice would be much appreciated.

One option is to use Orchestrator’s API from your web server and insert your parameters into a Queue. Then the robot can retrieve queue items with your parameters and process them.

Another option is to use Assets (if the parameter needs for more than once) in Orchestrator if the parameter is of simple datatype like Integer, string etc.,

You can use Set Asset Activity and retrieve the asset value from Orchestrator.

Karthik Byggari

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Thanks. I will look into this then. I appreciate it.

Can we assign asset n value via orchestrator api request… ?

Yes, any operation using the web interface is available with the API: About OData and References