Send your own parameters in API Request to use it in a robot workflow


I want to run my robot based on a button clicked by any user on a webpage. I’ll use the orchestrator API to call the robot or queue the job when the button is clicked. Please note that the same button will be used in multiple webpages. The robot simply extracts the information from the webpage where it was clicked and returns an excel/CSV file containing information.

But, is there any way that I can pass the URL of the page, from where the button was clicked as a variable to my robot workflow? By this way, I can just use this variable to navigate to the URL and extract the required information


There’s a button named “export” in the following pages:

  2. “”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”/invoice12b998

So, if the button is clicked on the 1st page, then I suppose I can send this URL(as Input Parameters) using the POST Jobs - Start job with inputs as this API allows input parameters.

But the main question is how can I pass this URL as a variable to the robot which will start the
execution based on this API request.

Please advise

You should have arguments (Direction: In) defined in your main.xaml workflow of your process, you will receive this input parameters in argument. then you can use your argument variable in your process.

You can also add this information in Queue whenever your “export” button in clicked then you can use that by using get transaction item.

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Thanks, Kuldip. But, I have the following query:
How and where do I define the arguments (Direction: In) in my workflow? Is it an activity or do I define a variable? If its a variable, then what is the data type as I’m unable to locate it.
If it’s possible to share a sample workflow that would be great.

Deepak N

Hi @deepak.naidu

Please see below


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Thank you Kuldip…everything works great now…:grinning::grinning:

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