How to pass a message or parameter in orchestrator?

Can anyone help to understand is there any way to pass a message or parameter value to bots via orchestrator? if yes, how do we pass it.

Can you please elaborate your requirement a bit?.

Basically, Your robot can retrieve the data from Assets & Queues stored in orchestrator.

Rammohan B.

Hi Sarathythanigai

If you want to pass case-specific information to the robot you can use the transaction queue. To do that, add some arguments to TransactionInformation, then when you retrieve a transaction item you can read that data out again.

To use the transaction queue, first create it in Orchestrator. Then add and get transaction items in your UIPath Code using the “Add Transaction Item” and “Get Transaction Item” activities.

For robot/system specific messages you can use assets. Assets are basically global variables accessable across all robots. Use the GetAsset activity to retrieve these variables…