How to pass data to a Robot when started via Orchestrator

I’ve been looking at how we can integrate with UIPath to trigger automations to run.

Initially I was looking at the REST API ( and have successfully integrated to start a workflow, pass data in and get data back out again.

Now I’m working with @richarddenton to do the same via Orchestrator. Reading the documentation at I can see no clear way to pass data in to the job.

It seems like quite a simple requirement, but I cannot find any information on how to do this.

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Can someone please respond to this, I have the same query regarding passing input data to workflow thru the orchestrator startjobs api

This does indeed seem basic and an urgent requirement. I can’t seem to find any documentation on it, either – UiPath, would you kindly respond?

Can Any Body help us .I am also stuck at same issue.

Add to Queue - During runtime through Orchestrator
Get transaction item - Loop this in your code until you have something in queue

Might be a solution !

Dominic :smile:

@599712 @msusila @ugrasse @kishor,

Stuck with same issue.Did any one got solution,Please share

@navulurin, What’s your exact requirement ?

Dominic :slight_smile:

I have started job using Orchestrator api, want to send data to robot.

@navulurin, why not you give a try with the above said solution using API ? How to pass data to a Robot when started via Orchestrator

Sorry if it wasn’t your requirement! If it is so can you be more specific ?

Dominic :slight_smile:

Could you please share how you started job using orchestrator api

Hi Ateece,
I am trying to start a robot via Rest Api as instructed in the link But i couldnt able to do
You have successfully integerated to start a workflow using Rest API in Could you please let me know how did you do that??

Hi DaviE,
You have to enable the “preview” API in the robot config file on your client as per the article.

As this API is documented in the config file as preview we abandoned the approach and use Orchestrator instead and live without the ability to pass or get data. The first/last thing in the workflow the robot runs integrates with our product instead which removed the need.


Hi Ateece,
• In Local Services i stopped UiPath Robot service
• Edited UiRobot.exe.config under UiPath installation folder and uncommented the REST endpoint
• Using postman, tried to start the workflow

Getting the below error message

Can you elaborate what you meant by preview api

Hi @Dominic

I have created the my new robot after that how can i able to make the Status As “Available”
Can you please help me !!
below screenshot settings are not available for me :

my UiPath version 2018.1.3 [Community Edition]
– In this it is Possible to do [Robot Active]?
– Schedule ?
– Job ?
– process ?

can you please mention those endpointsfrom Orchestrator’s API? :sweat_smile:
because I am confused with the “similar terminology” in the endpoints list.