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How can i wait for a page to load or to wait for for certain text to appear on the screen and then continue other activities with ought using delay activity.

@Tapiwa you can use on element appear activity or if not with on image appear

on element appear works. You then add your further activities within the on appear activity.

Is there a minimum waiting time on appear activity

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Yes buddy 30 seconds by default…but you can increase the time with timeoutMS porperty …
The reason why said to go for one element appear or on image appear when the element or image appears on the screen it will immediately continue with the next activity…while if we use delay even though image appeared in 20 sec …it will wait till the time we enter in it…so that would slow down the process …
Cheers @Tapiwa

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yep buddy thats why i disliked the delay activity. It would wait even if it finished loading up the page

So were you able to go ahead with on element appear activity …

Yep i did buddy. It worked. If 30 sec is the default how can i add more seconds. I aint seeing properties for additional seconds.

You have a property called timeoutMS…where you can mention the time buddy…

Properties for on element


I guess to add to the answer make sure you keep repeatforever as false and keep the wait active and wait visible check box checked.

Normally changing the property from interactive to COMPETE will almost always work but using on element appear will not hurt.

This is what I do normally.

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yeah with on element appear @Tapiwa
you will be having under target options @Tapiwa

For more details on each property @Tapiwa

Cheers @Tapiwa

did that work buddy @Tapiwa