Regarding wait property

my application is loading sometimes faster and sometimes very slow. I am giving Delay activity 00:00:10

When the application is loading slower and it is not within specified time test fails. I wanted to provide exact time how much it is required.

Let me know how to handle this situation.

Hi @pridhvimallikharjun,
You may use On Element Appear activity:
Once the robot find the element on the next screen or so, it will proceed.

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Yes, there is the “On Element Appear” as said Jan_Brian_Despi

You can also use the “Find Image” if you can’t get the UI element in a VM for example or a “Find Element” if you want the element to be here, but you don’t want to proceed your tasks in another container (but, if your actions are on this application, the “On Element Appear” seems like the best practice).

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