How to click element after complete loading

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im using click activity and It clicks until it is finished loading. and Shows when everything is loading in selector. detects the element before website loading

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Hey @RajKumar_DC

Are you using Wait For Ready as Complete ?


HI @RajKumar_DC

You can try with these activity it will wait until the Image or element appear in the screen

  • On element appear - if you are able to access that element of the status word like “Pending” or “Responded” you can make use of this activity. You can increase the TimeoutMS value in this activity properties to the minutes you want. But the beauty is the process wont wait till the time you mention in TimeoutMS , rather will continue the process, the moment [robot]
  • Wait attribute - Again this activity will apply only if you can access the element as mentioned above and is the most reliable one for your case. Because you can wait till the attribute value of “aastate” gets changes to “Responded” from “Pending”. Once this string is met with the attribute, you can proceed further. Again you can mention the TimeoutMS as you want.
  • On image appear - if you are not able to access the element of those strings, you can use this image activity. Once the image of the string “Responded” is found you can continue further and again you can mention the TimeoutMS as required.

Yes im using this but sill appear selector

Hi @Gokul001 ,

i have tried this but sill facing same

Hi @RajKumar_DC
Have some delay, check manually the expected time to load , based on that set delay accordingly by using delay/ timeout and next use click activity


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Hi @RajKumar_DC ,

Could you try to capture the selector for the Loading Icon?
If we can do that, then we can wait for that to Disappear before proceeding, using the Check App State Activity.


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Ashwin A.K

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HI @RajKumar_DC

Check whether you can datascrap any values while loading and print the rows count if it return 0

You can try this in Flowchart

  • DataScrap
  • Flow decision keep condition as ExtractDatatable.rows.count>0
  • True-> Continue with your task
  • False → Join the false to datascrap sequence and so it will keep on waiting until it has rows


Hi @Gokul001 ,

no luck DataScrap working before complete loading

If possible can you share the website link?

Hi @ashwin.ashok,

I tried this but no luck before loading is finished mentioned element appear

sorry @Gokul001 this is a private website and you can not use it

Hi @nikhil.girish,

that delay will change frequently, and it also checks 1000 date

so @RajKumar_DC have timeout or element exist that would be more preferrable

Yes your correct “detects the element before website loading”

ok if element exist is detecting before itself,

u can have element exist of "next operation of that click activity " i mean if any change you notice after click,…u capture that and see whether that page has appeared

basically in a while loop /retry scope

click until it changes