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In my application some time loading take almost 1 mint and some time 5 sec I already add delay 30 sec but some time loading take one mint my requirement is that can’t move to next step until loading not finished how can I achieve this…??

@Aditya10989 Set timeout property to required number of secs(here 1 sec 1000 so set accordingly) in the following Element Exists, On element appear or Image exists activities?

To dynamically detect whether the page is loaded or not - please make use if some fixed element exists after the page is loaded.

For example, after login into the page, look for fixed element, like logout exists or not.
If exists, it means the page is loaded. Use Wait For Element Activity to check if wait for particular element.

Karthik Byggari

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@KarthikByggari Wait For Element not showing in activity only show wait attribute,wait image vanish ,wait element vanish

Use the below activity -

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