Wait/Delay Activities

Hi ,

Possible not to use delay and wait ard 1 min for the following windows pop up as I need to click the “Yes” to proceed.

The wait for image to appear can be used if the Element will appear for Sure.

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@jojo123 - Welcome to uipath community!
You can perform with 2 options -

  • use OnElementAppear activity (add timeout i and make continueonerror = true - it will not throw error when element is not found) and add you click activity inside the Do sequence.

  • use ElementExists activity - based on return variable perform your click activity in inside IF activity

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Hi - Try using retry scope - add activity “On element Appear” , tick true to properties Wait visible & Add Click activity on Yes.

If the pop up always has to be Yes, then try check on option “Dont ask me again , at end of the popup” manually and try using the application (this exception or step can be ignored to code)

Hope the suggestions help.

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Dear all, it works using the activity " On element Appear" . Thank you u guys. :slight_smile:

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