Activity to be used for Loading Page


I have a problem, I am unable to look for a suitable activity to wait for a page to load.

I have tried a few activities :

  1. Wait on Element Vanish (it skips this activity)
  2. Element Exist (unable to proceed)
  3. Retry scope (unable to detect)

Thank you.


How about FindElement activity with WaitVisible option?


Tried however it is not working.

The WaitVisible option keeps getting skipped and it does not wait.

Error : Find Element ‘text Login’: Activity timeout exceeded


Can you share your situation in detail using screenshot etc?


Previously, we use the activity as below :



However it is not waiting for the page to load and directly skip the step.


Thank you for sharing. I’d like to confirm the above image is disappear when the page have been loaded completely, right?
In general, it might be better to check something exists which appears when page have been loaded completely.


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Hi @SukhvinWalia
Can you try using On Element Appear activity as it waits until the element you indicate is loaded and ready in the web page to continue with the activities that you specify within the activity. Also we have additional properties to provide a timeout period (default is 30 seconds) and another set of properties to wait till the element is visible and active…

In general, if the web page takes more than 30 seconds to load a page, change the timeout accordingly so that it wont timeout

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Hope the below steps would help you resolve this

  1. Usually we increase the timeout property like 60000 or 80000 but at times page might take more time than that

  2. So I would suggest to go with one of your already tried method but with small changes

  3. Use a RETRY SCOPE activity and inside the action block have a simple log message like this

“Waiting for the page to load”

  1. While in ACTION block use a ELEMENT EXISTS activity
    Set the property as below

Timeout - 60000
WaitForReady - Complete

  1. That’s it with element exists

  2. Now in retry scope set these properties

Number of retries - 10
Interval between retries - leave it blank

That’s it

This should work for sure

Cheers @SukhvinWalia


Thank you. This works!

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Hi, i tried this way too unfortunately it does not work.

Glad it got resolved

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