Packages are not uploaded to Orchestrator


Iam trying to deploy a Robot to orchestrator. In the process, iam trying to publish a package from UiPath studio. The scenario and the problem I face is as follows:
Publish a package from UiPath studio trial to orchestrator through NuGet Feed URL. Specify the Deployment URL and API key from the MyGet feed site to the settings under Orchestrator. UiPath studio says “Package is published” but on selecting “Packages” option in Orchestrator, an error message pops up saying “An error has occurred”.
Where are the logs for the error reported?. This would help in investigating the issue.

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version:

UiPath studio CE 2017.1.6435, Orchestrator 2017.1.6435

Solved the issue.
The problem was with the NuGet Feed URL that I specified in the deployment settings in Orchestrator.
I had provided the URL that was used to push feeds from MyGet website. Instead it should be the URL to be consumed.
Anyway, UiPath has been a valuable tool to RPA. Appreciate the good docs provided. The docs could be improved with regards to publishing packages - an example could be provided for the scenario mentioned - i.e deploying packages through NuGet Feed URLs.